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Every picnic package includes set-up/clean-up, a charcuterie board, an umbrella, a custom message board, throw blankets/pillows, a low profile picnic table, a floral garland, candle setting, napkins, plates, silver/glassware, bottles of water, hand sanitizer, and a waste basket. The only difference between gourmet & classic picnics is the charcuterie board; the decor will be consistent.

All picnics last for 2 hours. 

We are also happy to set up a free consultation to discuss your vision for the picnic.

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Gourmet Picnics

Gourmet picnic charcuterie boards feature an assortment of high-quality ingredients from local vendors.

Gourmet Picnic for 2 People


Gourmet Picnic for up to 6 People


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Classic Picnics

Classic picnic charcuterie boards feature ingredients mainly from Trader Joe's.

Classic Picnic for 2 People


Classic Picnic for up to 6 People


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Picnics Without Charcuterie

These picnic packages only include set-up, our decorative signature arrangement, and clean-up.

Picnic Without Charcuterie for 2 People


Picnic Without Charcuterie for up to 6 People


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We are open to accommodating groups of up to 10 people for picnics. Please note that after 6 people, every additional guest will be $20.

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